Special Series: Trajectory of Heisei, way forward to Reiwa

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Series Objectives:

  In May 2019, Japan saw that the 30-year-long Heisei era drew to an end, and the new Reiwa era began. This special issue aims to provide readers with both the trajectory of the Heisei era and the prospects of the Reiwa era.


Japan's Foreign and Security Policies in the Heisei Era
Shinichi Kitaoka (President, the Japan International Cooperation Agency)

1. US-Japan Relations from Heisei to Reiwa--Huge Progress Made, But Challenges Remain
Fumiaki Kubo (Professor, University of Tokyo)
2. Japan-China Relations in the Heisei Era
Akio Takahara (Professor, University of Tokyo)
3. Japan-ROK Relations in the cul-de-sac: 30 Years of repeated "reconciliation" and "collision"
Masao Okonogi (Professor Emeritus, Keio University)
4. Russo-Japanese Relations: 'Abe's step forward?'
Nobuo Shimotomai (Professor, Kanagawa University)
5. Current Status of Asian Regional Cooperation and Japan's Diplomacy in Asia
Mie Ōba (Professor. Tokyo University of Science)
6. Japan's National Security At a Crossroads: Time to craft a new national security strategy
Hideshi Tokuchi (Visiting Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)
7. Japan and the Transformation of the United Nations - Catalyzing a Comprehensive Collective Security for Our Common Future
Toshiya Hoshino (Professor, Osaka University)
8. A New Mission of Japan's Infrastructure-FDI Nexus Model in the 'Beyond-Aid' Era
Yasutami Shimomura (Professor emeritus, Hosei University)
9. A Shift from Passive to Proactive Protector of a Rules-based Open Trading System
Shujiro Urata (Professor, Waseda University)
10. Economic policy in the Heisei Era
Takao Komine (Professor, Taishō University)
11. "Prayer for Peace" Trips by the Emperor and Empress
Kazuhiro Nagata (Professor emeritus, Kyoto Sangyo University)

Special Contribution:

Toward a Free and Open Indo-Pacific Region: Japan's Grand Strategy
Nobukatsu Kanehara (Former Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary and Deputy General of National Security Bureau, Prime Minister's Office of Japan)